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    Roddy Ricch Faced With Copyright Lawsuit For “The Box” Track

    At some point in time, all celebrities are faced with a legal court case. These days, musicians are being sued right and left for sampling other artists’ work in their songs. Rappers have been paying “homage” to their idols by sampling their music in their tracks for the longest time. The music trend has especially grown in the last few years or so.

    However, that trend might come to an end, especially after Roddy Ricch’s latest copyright lawsuit. Apparently, the rapper is being sued for sampling soul singer Greg Perry’s song without his permission. Why can’t artists just get along?

    From One Artist To Another

    Roddy Ricch achieved massive success at the very start of his career, especially after he dropped his breakout record “The Box.” The song has since gone platinum and even reached diamond status with the RIAA. Despite all his early success though, the rapper has hit a few bumps in the road. His most recent stemming from a copyright issue from soul singer Greg Perry.

    TMZ first reported that Perry was suing the Compton rapper, “The Box’s’” producer 30 Roc and Atlantic Records for using a sample beat from his 1975 song “Come On Down (Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds)” without permission.

    Furthermore, Perry wants the court to find Roddy Ricch and his team guilty of copyright infringement. Perry claims that a musicology expert “clearly and convincingly” showed that the two tracks are similar in melody, form and structure. Clearly, the soul singer is out for blood.

    Roddy Ricch Claims He Used His “Imagination” To Create The Beat

    At this time, Roddy Ricch hasn’t directly responded to the allegations pinned against him by Greg Perry. Though, during a 2020 interview with TIME, the star did make the assertion that the beat for “The Box” stemmed from his own creativity. 

    In fact, he claims the idea for the song and the beat itself came from his own “imagination.” Honestly, the song does have a unique beat. Though, do we think it shares any similarities with soul singer Greg Perry’s 1975 classic?

    Let us know what you think in the comments.

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