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    Roddy Ricch Called Out Kanye West On His Grammy Win Shenanigans

    The debate between old and new rappers rages on. It seems like neither fans or artists can reach common ground. Roddy Ricch certainly had plenty to say about the OG rappers. Rather than praising his elders, the young emcee feels slighted by some of the older generational artists. In particular, Roddy Ricch referred to an incident where he discovered a clip of Kanye West urinating on his Grammy trophy. “The Box” rapper acted like a good sport when he didn’t take home a single Grammy win on March 14th. However, it became a different story when he called out Kanye West for showing little appreciation for his Grammy award.

                         The Old Vs. The New Rappers

    Grammy win
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    Not enough credit is given to the new generation of artists coming up in the rap game. In fact, some critics have downright called them “lazy” and their efforts “futile.” Though, can the accessible nature of technology really be considered “cheating”? Each new generation has its advances and lack thereof. Though, that hasn’t stopped the opposing sides of rappers from arguing who’s the best rapper.

             Roddy Ricch Works Harder Than Kanye West

    Grammy win
    via Rap-Up

    Roddy Ricch certainly will argue that he’s worked harder than some OG rappers. He’s even more appreciative of a Grammy win, as opposed to elder emcees, like Kanye West who urinated on his trophy. After a night of performing his biggest hits and being nominated for 6 Grammys, Ricch didn’t take home a single win last Sunday.

    The young emcee went on Instagram Live to express his gratitude at performing at the Grammys. Despite not winning a Grammy, he seemingly remained a good sport about the whole ordeal. As the video progressed however, it become clear that the “Heartless” rapper felt slighted by the Grammys. Most of all, he felt snubbed of a Grammy win by the old generation of rappers, especially Kanye West. Ricch referenced a video of West urinating on his Grammy award, calling the act “lame.” He claimed himself more deserving of the award than Yeezy. Hopefully Roddy Ricch will be able to take home a Grammy win next year.


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