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    Robert Kelly: A Deeper Look Into His Fanbase Post Conviction

    R Kelly Is Denied BailAfter years of accusations and allegations, disgraced singer Robert Kelly faces 10 years to life in prison. In a courtroom in New York, jurors found Kelly guilty of nine charges. The fallen star faces the judge wearing a melancholic, somewhat poker face.

    Kelly is serving time currently in New York since 2018. He will continue to be held in New York as he awaits Minnesota and Illinois trials in May 2022, according to Billboard. 

    R. Kelly’s Humble Beginning

    Kindergarten graduates throughout the mid to late 90’s are the first generation of the “I Believe I Can Fly” craze. The song rings bells at church doors and in television and film. Though we grew fond of the song, we had no idea who R. Kelly was.

    Born in Chicago January 8, 1967, Robert Sylvester Kelly hails from an intensive volume of religious etiquette. His pious mother steered him towards the way of the Lord; however, Kelly chose to act on his own plan.

    Kelly’s teacher noticed his talent in high school and convinced him to believe in his gift of performing. Although Kelly started with a humble beginning, fate would later take control.

    Kelly’s fate 20+ odd years later landed him behind bars.

    What We Know About Robert Kelly’s Sex Scandal

    Robert Kelly’s track record smudges as the pages turn. Over the span of three decades, women have come forward to share their nightmares, starring R. Kelly.

    According to, in 2002 Kelly joined Jay-Z for the collaborative album, The Best Of Both Worlds. Indeed, Kelly’s dirty secrets hit the fan, overshadowing the new album.

    A journalist turned in a tape of Kelly and an underage girl having sex to the police. Undoubtedly, he is charged with 21 counts of criminal acts relating to child pornography in Illinois.

    Later in 2002, he collects similar charges in Florida; however, the charges dropped over time.

    The perpetual abuse to Black women over the decades finally came to the light. In 2018, victims come forward in the documentary, Surviving R. Kelly. The film ignited the indictment of the Pied Piper.

    Accusations include Kelly’s sex cult and housing women against their will. Some of the women claim that the singer groomed them from a very young age to sleep with other women. One woman claims that she contracted an STD from Robert.

    Even though facing many charges, Kelly’s music flourishes.

    R. Kelly Fans vs. Morality 

    Why are fans still supporting R.Kelly?

    According to The Cut, a surprising amount of folks appeared before the courthouse in Brooklyn to support Kelly. Fans blast his music while holding signs, demanding the freedom of Kelly. But why?

    There is an explanation of history of the black feminist theory and the protection of Black men, according to The Atlantic. Women groom Black men into being better beings. Black women undyingly love Black men— no matter what. On the contrary, this theory leaves Black women and Black girls utterly damaged.

    Fans consider songs like “Bump N Grind” and “Honey Love” to be ingenious classics. Men especially are still fans because in a society like this, women concerns don’t matter.


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