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    Robert Fuller’s Hanging In Palmdale, Murder Or Suicide?

    Robert Fuller’s Body was found hanging in front of City Hall In Palmdale, Ca.

    Anytime a black man is found hanging from a tree, suspicions arise, but if it was ever a time for hanging not to happen, now is that time.

    Racial Tensions are as high as they have ever been as protests for racial equality and justice sweep the nation. The deaths of George Floyd during a lockdown has awakened something inside of Black America.

    Some of the protests have been peaceful, while others became looting and destruction. CHAZ in Seattle is an example of the extremes some protestors are going to in their pursuit of change. Things have been calm mostly, but the death of Robert Fuller changes all of that.

    On June 10th, 2020, the body of a man was found hanging from a tree in Poncitlan Square of Palmdale, Ca. Police identified the body as 24-year old Robert Fuller of Antelope Valley.

    Fuller’s death was ruled a suicide as Lt. Brandon Dean has stated.

    Based on our initial investigation and the evidence found at the scene, all indications point to this being a suicide.

    As the news spread of Robert Fuller’s death, an already riled of internet began to suggest maybe it wasn’t murder. Thus, #JusticeforRobertFuller was soon trending on twitter as questions of a possible hate crime began to arise.

    The country will likely implode if Robert Fuller’s death is anything other than suicide. If the police tried to cover a hate crime during the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the country, as we know, it will cease to exist.

    What do you guys think of Robert Fuller’s death? Do you believe it was suicide like the cops say? Or do you think it was a hate crime?

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments and keep visiting the site.

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