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    Robber With Machete Shot And Killed By Police!

    A man with a machete was shot and killed in LA by police after he committed two separate robberies!!

    Video captured a man with a machete being shot and killed by police in Los Angeles on Monday. In the video, the suspect can be seen being surrounded by police as he holds a machete. The man then enters a car and tries to escape before crashing into two police cars.

    The man with the machete allegedly had just committed a robbery at a local auto shop. According to a CNN affiliate, the man stole batteries and jumper cables from the auto shot and proceeded to a nearby Chick-fil-a parking lot. Once in the Parking lot, the man carjacked someone and tried to escape.

    However, by this time police were already in the area. The cops surrounded the car the man with the machete was attempting to steal. Yet this wasn’t enough to stop the man as he still got into the car and tried to get away even though officers surrounded him on foot and in cars.

    The man didn’t get far as he crashed into police cars as he was trying to escape in the car.

    After crashing the man tried to escape on foot, still carrying the machete in his hand. The cops pursued him and tried to use non-lethal force at first but the didn’t work.

    They then open fire on the man striking him multiple times. The man was transported to a local hospital but eventually died from his wounds. One officer was hurt in the incident but was able to be treated for “minor bruises and scraps” at the scene of the crime.

    From the video, it’s clear the man had some mental issues. Any black man surrounded by the cops while holding a weapon who isn’t shot on sight, who then proceeds to try escape and actually charge at the cops must have something wrong with him.

    What do you guys think about the man with the machete? Did he have mental issues or just a death wish?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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