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    L.A.’s ZAIRE Makes Introduction With “Jaded” Visual

    Los Angeles’ young king, Zaire, is leaving his mark in the industry one hit at a time. As he turns his tragedy into triumph while building his music career displays the greatness he is destined for.

    Following a near-death experience, he discovered that his calling was to bring hope to those who had felt hopeless through his music. This is a testament of Zaire’s life and highlighted through his creative collective ‘Never Fold’.

    His impeccable pen game is showcased throughout the music as his emotions spill through his lyricism. Zaire is the Jack of all trades with a few other tricks up his sleeve like his ability to produce, engineer and mix music.

    Zaire’s current project, 11:11, an amazing endeavor that will touch the public and provide a beacon of hope, exemplifies this talent. On his new project, Zaire takes no prisoners. In fact, he guides listeners on a poetic synopsis of 11:11 with his intro “Eye Of The Storm.”

    Zaire emphasizes the need of embracing one’s demons to obtain a deeper understanding of oneself and to properly appreciate one’s angels throughout the intro.

    Keeping up momentum, the ambitious MC transitions into the first track “Solid,” off his current project. With his foot on the game’s neck, he underlines the importance of being firm despite the challenges he faces on the journey. Zaire says, women, fake friends, and industrial rivals will not deter him from praying and fighting for what he wants.

    The expression goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the visual “Jaded” from the project, 11:11 proves this to be true. On this track, Zaire skates through the music with minimal production, allowing his vocals and words to shine through.

    The visual is the focal point, as it allows Zaire to really shine and get into his bag. As a result, there’s a midway transition in which the production, scenery, and Zaire’s flow switch up, bringing more life to the already vibrant track. During this shift, the MC’s confidence is at an all-time high, and surely doesn’t disappoint.

    On his outro, “Sincerely Zaire,” Zaire prepares listeners for the upcoming project. This record is a self-reflection of everything the MC has gone through in his life. Zaire let’s listeners know that he won’t be waiting for his flowers since he’ll be patting himself on the back for how far he’s come. With his DIY mentality, Zaire and his team are destined to win.

    For now give the 11:11 project a spin as well as check out the visuals for “Jaded” above.

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