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    Rihanna Sends Love To Yung Baby Tate After Body-Shame Comments

    As of late, female celebrities have taken a lot of heat over their bodies. It seems that the general public has made it their business to determine which body types are acceptable. Fortunately, female celebrities like Coi Leray and Lizzo have clapped back at the haters with messages of body-positivity. Now Georgia rapper Yung Baby Tate has found herself in the middle of body-shaming firestorm. Though, like her colleagues, Tate clapped back at the internet trolls by defending her body. Even beauty mogul Rihanna hopped into the conversation and sent love to the upcoming rapper.

    Yung Baby Tate Goes Off On The Body-Shamers

    via GBETU TV

    While fame affords a person all the riches in the world, it doesn’t help fend off the haters. Unfortunately, female celebrities face daily criticisms concerning their bodies. In particular, female music artists like Megan Thee Stallion have dealt with backlash for their natural body types. Recently, upcoming rapper Yung Baby Tate faced backlash from body-shamers after her live performance at AfroPunk in Atlanta back in September.

    Furthermore, the “I Am” rapper took to Instagram to post photos of herself donning a leopard print ensemble at the event. However, the haters criticized the rapper’s body and even told her to “loose 10 pounds.” Luckily, Yung Baby Tate hopped on Instagram to clap back at the body-shamers. The rapper then carried her messages of body-positivity to Twitter. In one tweet, the 25-year-old wrote, “It’s called a GET MONEY GUT and all brokeys should keep their negative opinions to themselves.” That’s the way to shut down haters.

    In continuing her body-positivity tirade, she made a thread calling for women to show off their natural bodies. Basically, she turned a negative situation into a positive one. Currently, the tweet has been shared over 6,000 times, with 9,000 retweets and 1, 3000 replies. Yung Baby Tate definitely shutdown the body-shammers.

    Rihanna Sends Her Support From Afar

    via AceShowbiz

    Whilst defending her body, Yung Baby Tate also received a message of encouragement from beauty mogul Rihanna. Unfortunately, the 25-year-old never disclosed what words of wisdom from the Savage X Fenty mogul’s DM to her, but it must’ve been good. Tate took to Twitter to express her joy over Rihanna’s support.

    “I’m really crying y’all Rihanna just dmd me. Y’all gon’ be so mad when I link with Savage X Fenty in this bomb ass body of mine,” the rapper tweeted. In this day and age, black women in hip-hop have to look out for one another.

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