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    Rihanna Rolls Out The Red Carpet For New Fenty Hair

    Rihanna aims for excellence. Whether she does it on purpose or not, Riri turns almost anything into a fashion masterpiece. By her being the CEO of one of the biggest cosmetic and fashion-forward brands in the world, it makes sense to grow her brand. She can literarily do anything she wants. Furthermore, Rihanna can choose to have a baby on her own time, drop R9 years from now and even launch a new hairline. Riri has done two of those things already. Though, the latter of the three happens to be Rihanna’s newest passion project. Now she’s rolling out the red carpet for Fenty Hair.

     Rihanna’s Fenty Hair Receives The U.S. Approval Stamp

    Fenty Hair
    via Harper’s Bazaar

    Several great things can be said about Rihanna. For one, she’s a smart businesswoman who knows how to have fun with her brand. The billionaire has taken the fashion world and cosmetics scene by storm. Now she’s expanding her business to the Hair sector.

    By there being a shortage of black hair products made by actual black businesses, it’s nice to see celebrities like Rihanna changing the game. Last week, the beauty guru filed a trademark for Fenty Hair with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. Furthermore, Rihanna’s company, Roraj Trade LLC and her attorney, Scott J. Slavik helped file the trademark.

    Moreover, the line will include a wide variety of Fenty hair products, ranging from accessories like hair bands, bows, curlers, ribbons, brushes to extensions such as wigs. Clearly, the “Umbrella” singer holds the world in the palm of her hands.

                Fans Are Waiting For The New Line To Drop

    Fenty Hair
    via Style Rave

    Rihanna has single-handedly become one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry. She has one of the most successful cosmetic and fashion businesses in the world. Now that she’s rolling out the red carpet for Fenty Hair, the new expansion will only make her richer.

    Not to the mention, the buzz around Fenty Hair already has fans talking. Many of them have plans to wait in line for hours just to get their hands on the new hairline. Others predicted the major success of Fenty Hair.

    The people have spoken, they want the Fenty Hair beauty line to drop now.

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