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    Rihanna Loves A$AP Rocky’s Father Mode

    Since having their first born child together, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have went into father mode . Even A$AP Rocky has stepped up to the plate and taken the reins in caring for their newborn son. Recently, it was revealed that the “Praise The Lord” rapper has gone into complete and total father mode. He helps the singer care for their son. Clearly, Rihanna has found herself a true keeper.

    He Takes Over

    father mode
    via Syracuse

    A$AP Rocky once told a publication that he wanted to be the coolest celebrity dad around. Of course, when his first son with Rihanna came around, the “Fukk Sleep” rapper was over the moon. He’s since expressed his happiness at being a first-time father and has seemingly loved every step along the way. Recently, a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life that Rihanna loves that he takes charge with their child . In fact, he even helps change the diapers and holds their son from time to time. Talk about father mode. Clearly, A$AP Rocky should win father of the year.

    A$AP Rocky Loves Kids

    father mode
    via Capital FM

    It’s no wonder that A$AP Rocky is so great at fatherhood . Some might even say that he’s a natural. Though, even before his son came along, the rapper was already caring for family relatives and their kids. Turns out that A$AP Rocky first got his feet wet with child rearing after looking after his nieces and nephews. Clearly, he loves being in father mode.

    At this point, we can only assume one thing: A$AP Rocky really loves kids.


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