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    Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Welcome “Baby Boy” With Open Arms

    It’s not everyday that the Fenty Beauty CEO gets time off from work. After all, she does run one of the biggest and most successful cosmetic and fashion businesses in the world. Though, the beauty guru proved that she can make time for love. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have basked in their romance for years. In January, the couple first announced that they were expecting. Now, nine months later, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky became proud parents after welcoming their baby boy this week.

    They Welcome Their “Baby Boy”

    baby boy
    via Kissy Denise

    Mother’s Day may have passed, but nonetheless, Rihanna received the best gift any expecting mother could hope for. On May 13, Rihanna gave birth to her first baby boy in Los Angeles.

    Looks like Rihanna and the rapper finally got their wish. The Fenty Beauty CEO will have 3 to 4 kids, while Rocky will be one of the best famous dads around Hollywood. Now the two will have the “fliest child on the block.” A source close to the couple claims they’re at their Los Angeles home resting with their baby, like good parents. Right now, the pair couldn’t be more over the moon about welcoming their first child into the world. Not to mention, they’re new parents and already love the new gig.

           Rihanna Makes Pregnancy A Fashion Trend

    baby boy
    via The Denver Channel

    When it comes to beauty guru Rihanna, she can make anything fashionable. The Grammy-winning songstress made her pregnancy bump an iconic fashion staple with trendy and edgy ensembles. Back in February, the star talked with PEOPLE about having the freedom to wear whatever she pleases while being pregnant. Furthermore, the singer noted that on some days she doesn’t want to leave the couch. Although, a little touch of makeup “transforms her.”

    At this point, A$AP Rocky’ and Rihanna’s baby boy will be dressing for the gods.

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