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    Rick Ross Missed Out On “Coming To America 2” $125 Million Worth

    Most Hollywood stars started out acting, singing or rapping for a living. Eventually they move on to other business ventures. To stay relevant and keep their cash flow rolling, they’ve had to get creative. Rapper Rick Ross tried his hand at business negotiating when Amazon Studios requested to use his Atlanta-based mansion to shoot scenes for the “Coming To America 2” film. The emcee failed horribly. In the end, Rick Ross missed out on the biggest movie deal in Hollywood.

    The Rapper Boasts About Scoring $2.75 Million

    missed out
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    Closing a huge business deal takes a lot of skill. Several Hollywood A-listers have went on to make millions from huge business ventures and endorsements. Port of Miami 2 rapper Rick Ross, however, isn’t one of those famous A-listers.

    The emcee recently boasted about the “high-figure negotiation tactics” he used to tax Amazon Studios for utilizing his huge Atlanta-based mansion for a film. Sources believe the movie Ross refers to is Eddie Murphy’s “Coming To America 2.” The rapper must’ve charged the film crew a hefty price tag for the film franchise. However, Ross missed out on a huge movie deal big time.

    During an interview with Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe for his Club Shay Shay podcast, Rozay boasted about scoring $2.75 million for the use of his mega-mansion in Atlanta, GA. The rapper explained that he originally asked Amazon Studios for $2.5 million. As time went on, the emcee upped his price to $2.75 million. Additionally, Rozay charged a $20,000 fee just for Amazon’s film crew to come out and scout his mansion before filming. Not only did the production crew use Ross’s mansion for the film, but he’s set to star in the comedy as well. Given that “Coming To America 2” is using his mansion and name, we’d think Rozay would’ve made bank by now.

                Rozay Missed Out On A $125 Million Movie Deal

    missed out
    via RFM

    Unfortunately, not every celebrity is a skilled negotiator. Rick Ross bragged about sealing a $2.75 million deal with Amazon Studios but the joke is on him. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures sold the Eddie Murphy film to Amazon Studios for a staggering $125 million. Rick Ross definitely didn’t invest wisely on the use of his mansion.



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