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    Rick Bars Goes #1 in New York on Youtube

    Rick Bars released a new song recently named “Progressive Zone” and has earned the number 1 spot on the Youtube charts In Yonkers, New York. This Song has been received very well and has already reached over 700k views within the first few days. This song speaks about staying focused during hard times.


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    For those who may not know Rick Bars he is a Producer and rap artist with a marketing background. He is completely independent however, he does marketing for most major labels. He has a marketing business named “Rick Bars Marketing LLC” Where he runs campaigns for artists using Google ads and playlisting.

    He has 1 million+ YouTube subscribers and continues to thrive. His fanbase is super strong and much of it seems to be right in New York. He also does very well globally as his last release hit over 10 million views worldwide.

    He has been doing events and programs in New York as well which is most likely the reason why he is doing so well locally. He also may have a track coming out with Cozz as he received shoutouts from the Dream Ville Artist.

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