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    Reverend Al Sharpton Reflects On His Career At NASDAQ Fireside Chat

    This past weekend, the Reverend Al Sharpton had a fireside chat with Kevin Liles at the NASDAQ in Manhattan for Black Music Month. Also Kevin Liles is a CEO, music executive, and co-founder of 300 Entertainment; many Black artists, influencers, and entrepreneurs were in attendance. Some share roots in New York City similar to Reverend Al Sharpton.

    Versatile Black creative Reemo Meerak says, “I’m from Laurelton, Queens so definitely what I feel Black people can do isn’t impossible on a daily basis.”

    Some Sacrifice More Than Others 

    The Reverend acknowledges that some have sacrificed far more than others. James Brown, who was a father figure for the young preacher, goaded the young man, “You thought this was gonna be fair?” Reverend Sharpton concludes that nowadays “it comes from the work.” 

    Searching for a Father

    Al Sharpton mentally bookmarks the plethora of experiences that shaped who the young leader was to become. He is often reminded of the power of both service and of our actions. James Brown‘s son, “Teddy”, died tragically in a car accident after meeting the Reverend as a teenager. Reverend Sharpton’s life had been turned upside down after moving to a different borough in New York City when his biological dad left the family.

    Roe v. Wade

    “The best teachers are the best students!” Reverend Sharpton keeps close eyes on how the country has evolved from 1960 into 2022. He observes, “Elvis never did a night in jail.”

    Why is the United States hasty to block reproductive health care, but so hesitant to feed babies? Reverend Sharpton finds it confusing how protestors do not seem to have the same zest for voting. He would also like to outgrow cancel culture. He wants young people to know that it is okay to make mistakes, and everyone who is doing anything has made plenty of them (including him).

    He reflects on his career longevity as being a manifestation of his authenticity. He says that he “was trying to express the pain” At the risk of being impolite, Reverend Sharpton has stayed committed to who he is throughout it all.


    1. It is and always has been- all politics! “They” truly don’t care about ANY of us! It’s just that the white folks are the last to figure this fact out. Why is the focus so much on the unborn when it’s the LIVING who desperately need the focus, the RIGHT kind of focus that is. Remember, the left wing and the right wing are attached to the SAME DAMN SICK AF BIRD! And if God gave us all a free will to make our own choices, then why would I personally care what someone chooses to do in terms of choosing an abortion!? If you don’t like abortion, then choose not to have one. But if someone else chooses to have one, it is NOT my place to judge. One day, we will be held accountable for each and every one of our decisions and we will FEEL what others felt as a result of our decisions. I am so glad that I personally do not need to be the “sheriff of the universe.” That’s not my job! Not to mention, do you all realize that the woman in the “Roe vs. Wade” case NEVER had an actual abortion… the trial went on too long and she ended up having that baby adopted out. Oh, and the fact that she was a lesbian is never discussed and the fact that she was PAID to be a spokesperson for Pro Life after the case was completed. SHE WAS A PAWN and she did a death bed confession documentary on the whole manipulation. Research and wake up!

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