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    Rep. Mondaire Jones Claims ICE Is Acting Illegally

    Mondaire Jones, Democratic Congressman Outraged By Unlawful Deportation

    Congressman Mondaire Jones from New York is outraged about Paul Pierrilus’ unlawful deportation. Pierrilus was set to be deported on January 19 before Mondaire and his staff arrived. They were able to remove him from the plane a few minutes before take-off. But less than two weeks later, Pierrilus went back to Haiti despite attempts to argue his unlawful removal.

    “At 3:00 this morning, my staff woke up to an urgent call. Suddenly, and in the dead of night, ICE was set to unlawfully deport Rockland County’s beloved Paul Pierrilus. And there was nothing we could do to stop it,” Mondaire said in a tweet.

    Mondaire added: 

    “Unfortunately, Paul’s story is not uncommon. Black immigrants have been disproportionately targeted and deported by our racist, inhumane immigration system, particularly in recent weeks,” he shared. “ICE is a rogue agency. With the help of right-wing operatives on the federal bench, ICE is choosing to ignore President Biden’s deportation moratorium,” he wrote.

    Illegal Deportations Ruin Families

    Mondaire explains how this traumatic experience is disrupting Pierrilus’ family dynamic, like that of many other immigrant families. Moreover, the congressman won’t rest until he gets his constituent back. 

    “Paul should be with his family at his home in Rockland County. I will not rest until he is, and until we have built a humane, just immigration system,”  Mondaire added. “In the meantime, I am keeping Paul and his family in my prayers and my team will continue to monitor the situation and fight for Paul’s return.”

    Even so, Pierrilus returned to Haiti facing a number of challenges. Sadly, ICE knows the damage that it has caused. 

    “They knew he was stateless. They knew he didn’t have a Haitian passport,” said his lawyer, Nicole Phillips. “It’s our understanding that he did not have travel documents to return to Haiti and yet they deported him there anyway.”

    History of Deportation Struggles 

    In addition, ICE previously attempted to deport Pierrilus’ brother, Daniel Pierrilus, in 2006. Thankfully, Daniel is now back in the United States.  In the meantime, President Joe Biden has committed to delaying deportations for at least the first 100 days of his term.


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