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    Remy Ma Backtracks On Doja Cat Comment

    At the 2022 Grammys, Doja Cat received several nominations in the rap categories. Instead, the artist took home an award for Best Pop Duo/Performance for “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA. While Doja Cat didn’t win in any of the rap categories, many people still view the artist as both a rapper and singer. Even Doja Cat herself argued that she deserves to take home the title as a rap artist. Though, some entertainers in the industry discredited Cat’s pen skills altogether.

    Remy Ma, for instance, outright denounced Doja Cat as a rapper, despite admitting she liked her music. Months later, Remy Ma backtracks on her earlier Doja Cat comment after fans blasted her on social media.

    She “Clarifies” Her Doja Cat Comment

    Doja Cat comment
    via eRadioUSa

    Remy Ma obviously received a lot of heat for the Doja Cat comment she made earlier this year on Drink Champs. Clearly, the fans think the “Say So” rapper deserves all the rap props in the world. Arguably, Remy Ma’s comment about Doja Cat’s pen skills did come off as a back-handed compliment. First, she denounces her title as a rapper by stating, “she’s definitely not a rapper” but follows the comment by describing her music “dope.” Sounds a bit contradictory.

    Months after the interview with Drink Champs, Remy Ma returns to clear the air. “I thought I was giving her a compliment,” the rapper said on a recent segment of Black Compass. Remy Ma further explains that after her initial interview, Doja Cat fans attacked her right and left. Clearly, the fans didn’t take her comment as a compliment that way.

    Doja Cat Takes The Lead In 2022 BET Award Nominations

    Doja Cat comment
    via XXL Mag

    Despite Remy Ma’s shade, Doja Cat still continues to win nominations on just about every award show. In fact, the 2022 BET Awards just released the list of nominees and Doja Cat’s name appeared six times. Even better, she’s in the lead amongst her competitors Ari Lennox and Drake, who have four nominations.

    Out of the several categories, Doja Cat’s is nominated for both “Best Female HipHop Artist” and “Best Female R&B/Pop Artist.” The award categories don’t exactly spell out “Rap Artist” but at least it gets Doja Cat one step closer to reaching her dreams. Even better, Remy Ma can’t say that Doja Cat isn’t a rapper anymore now that BET recognizes her as an emcee.

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