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    Remembering Chadwick Boseman

    The talented actor had been battling stage III colon cancer since 2016. Boseman passed away at the age of 43.

    The South Carolina native left quite the legacy behind him. Throughout his career, Boseman held many significant roles. He often played the characters of Black icons, both historical and fictional.
    Boseman broke into the acting scene with the film42, which came to theaters in 2013.In the film, Boseman plays the role of baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. The film did a beautiful job demonstrates the battle Jackie Robinson experienced while breaking down the color barrier within Major League Baseball.
    In 2017, Boseman played the first Black Supreme Court Justice in the biographical legal drama, Marshall. In the role, Boseman tells the story of Thurgood Marshall, a traveling NAACP lawyer who defends wrongly accused people of color during the 1940s.

    In 2018, Boseman plays T’Challa/Black Panther in the American Superhero Film, Black Panther. The standout film was a success in many ways. It’s production meant being the first Marvel film with a predominantly black cast.

    The film received critical acclaim and set a new bar as being the highest-grossing film with a black director.

    Black Panther also received several Academy Award nominations, winning Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Production Design.

    The celebrated actor’s death has hit home for many. Boseman’s family posted a confirmation of his passing on Instagram, describing him as a “true fighter”.

    Others, including politician Kamala Harris, have acknowledged Boseman’s passing as well. Harris described Boseman as a man who painted “a new picture of what’s possible” in her Instagram post.

    Boseman leaves behind a collection of monumental motion pictures. He will be remembered for all of his contributions.

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