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    Realiti Limi Drops Hot Club Banger “Like It Better”

    Realiti Limi’s latest release, “Like It Better,” stands as a club anthem that celebrates empowered women, emanating confidence as the commanding force in any room. With its contagious rhythm and dynamic flow, the song irresistibly beckons listeners to embrace the dance floor.

    Realiti Limi, born Damaris Samuels, stands as a versatile hip-hop rap artist who leaves an indelible mark. Through his distinct style and mastery of lyricism, he’s carving his niche in the rap realm. The founder of Empire World Records, he embarked on his lyrical journey at the age of 15.

    “Like It Better” offers a glimpse into the forthcoming album and second solo mixtape by Realiti Limi. With a commitment to infusing authenticity and genuine experiences into her music, fans can eagerly anticipate more scorching tracks and captivating beats from this rapidly ascending star.

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