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    R&B singer jojo reveals that she rapped to jadakiss in her youth

    We’ve seen fans throw themselves at their favorite artists. Though, it’s always surprising to learn entertainers have idols they look up to as well. For instance, R&B singer Jojo grew up listening to tons of Hip-Hop artists in her youth. She’s even worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Remy Ma and Wiz Khalifa. Furthermore, the “Leave (Get Out)” singer has lasted decades in the music industry. More importantly, she remains one of the most beloved R&B artists of our time. With such amazing talent, Jojo wouldn’t be the amazing singer she’s become without learning from stars like rapper Jadakiss.

    Jojo’s Music Career

    via Billboard

    There’s no denying the power and passion behind Jojo’s voice. Arguably, she’s one of the best singers in the age of millennials. The R&B singer first entered the music scene at just 12 years old with the release of her self-titled debut album Jojo in 2004. Moreover, Jojo’s music career took off after she dropped her debut single “Leave (Get Out).” The record led her to take home several honorary awards and even go platinum.

    Furthermore, the beloved singer even reinvented herself after making a recent comeback. Like fine wine, she just grows better with age. The recent release of new single “Creature of Habit” has certainly proven successful. In her two-year-long decade of a music career, Jojo has progressed to a level of artistry that most young talents fail to achieve. She’s gone from being a one-hit wonder, to one of the most respected R&B singers in the game. Guess she has Jadakiss to thank for that.

                          She Used To Rap To Jadakiss

    via Complex

    Clearly, Jojo “has the juice” as they say. She’s even achieved GOAT status in her long tenure of a music career. It makes sense, she’s learned from the best in the industry. Even at a young age, Jojo grew up listening to HipHop icons like Missy Elliot, Busta Rymes, and Biggie. Their music helped shaped her into the artist she’s today.

    During a recent interview with XXL magazine, Jojo discusses her love for HipHop music. Furthermore, the 30-year-old revealed that as a young girl, her and her friends would often rap to Jadakiss on the school bus. “Jadakiss made a huge impact on me; in middle school, me and all my friends would be on the bus being like, “F*** the frail s**t.” I mean, just absolutely ridiculous, with our little backpacks and Air Force 1s on, talking about weighing coke.” Clearly, the singer learned from the best.

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