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    R&B Music Queen Naija: Let’s Talk About It

    R&B music Queen Naija is back with a new single called Let’s Talk About It. The track serves to call out all the self-absorbed and drama-obsessed men of the world, accompanied by a visual that finds her taking back her power.

    “Let’s Talk About It” was co-written by Queen Naija with Mike Woods and produced by Oak Felder. This is the Detroit-bred singer’s first release since last year’s smash hit “Hate Our Love” featuring Big Sean.

    This new song is a good way to kick off the new year! It features a calming and smooth R&B beat to help ease some of the biting lyricism. 

    The track is a great example of how Queen Naija has evolved as a talent. With each passing day, she garners a larger following and consistently delivers her finest work, as showcased in this captivating new single.
    As a result of her breakthrough single “Medicine”, she managed to land a deal with Capitol Records in 2022. Her debut album, misunderstood, went gold and spawned three hit singles.
    During her rise to fame, Queen Naija experienced setbacks but never lost sight of her goal. She shook off the doubts of her critics and thrived in the spotlight, spinning deeply relatable tales of heartbreak, perseverance, and lust on her first album.
    Taking a cue from Bobby Glenn’s timeless ballad, “Sounds Like A Love Song”, Queen Naija brings the heat to her latest song. She holds a mirror to a man who doesn’t take accountability for his actions while calling out the self-absorbed dudes that are causing him to feel unloved and broken.

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