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    Ray J Pushes For “Ray Pride”, Supporting Gay Community

    Many celebrities have taken time out of their busy schedules to show love to the LGBTQ community during Pride month, including singer Ray J. The “One Wish” crooner recently took to social media to show love to gay men everywhere. Additionally, Ray J became so hyped up over celebrating the LGBTQ community that he wants to push for “Ray Pride.”

    Ray J Stands By Gay Men



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    Ray J, like other celebrities, really stepped up to the plate this Pride month by supporting the gay community. On a June 6 Instagram Livestream, the R&B singer encouraged more “straight men to show love to gay men.” Furthermore, the singer went into a lengthy speech about families standing up for their gay relatives and children. Additionally, he even gave a shout out to his gay friends in the entertainment industry.

    Throughout the video, Ray J revealed that he’s trying to educate himself on the gay community. Furthermore, the 41-year-old, detailed an experience he had with performing at an event that featured gay male strippers.

    “I tried to stay out of the way and let them do their thing,” Ray J said in the Livestream.

    Despite the uncomfortable situation at the time, the singer claimed that he fully supports queer men. Guess that counts as great first-hand-knowledge on the gay scene.

    Ray Pride

    Ray Pride
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    Additionally, Ray J even tried to push for his own celebrity-inspired sponsorship of Pride Month. He’d refer to the celebration by his own name, coining it “Ray Pride.” At first, the singer’s intentions seemed genuine. Arguably, after occasionally dropping tidbits of “let’s get this money”, his message doesn’t seem so honorary.

    He even added the comment, “Straight money is mad money and Gay money is happy money.”

    Hopefully, Ray J isn’t using the gay community as a means of financial gain and instead actually supports them.

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