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    Rauw Alejandro Teases New Album ‘Saturno’

    He is announcing his new studio album, Saturno, which is upcoming this November 11th. It’s the third album the artist and Puerto Rican producer published in two years, since ‘Afrodisiaco’ (2020) and ‘Vice Versa’ (2021). Rauw Alejandro maintains his second album in the first spots of the sales list in Spain a year later, after its release.

    Currently, we don’t know the cover or the content itself. Although confirmed, it will include the single ‘Punto 40 Año 2077’ featuring Baby Rasta. Moreover, on his Youtube channel, we see advancements where the artist wants to take us to the future.

    New Music Video ‘Dime Quien???’

    ‘Dime Quien???’ is Rauw Alejandro’s latest sound filled with synth-pop. Which he’s been using since dropping ‘Todo de Ti.’

    This music video, directed by Martin Seipel, takes on a melancholy journey throughout New York. This is where Rauw begs his lost love to tell him with who she passes her time.

    Also revealing private content, he rewatches and makes her remember the old times.

    “There is the content of you; I can’t erase it, I can’t erase it, baby. Last night, I couldn’t stand it, I had to rewatch it . I started touching myself remembering”. (Rauw Alejandro in ‘Dime Quien???’)

    The music video shows the sentiment of a cold, isolated feeling giving life to the meaning of heartbreak. This synth-pop is showing how reggaeton is revolutionizing quickly, and artists like Rauw Alejandro are not afraid to take on challenges and new directions.

    This song is believed to be the third single for his next album ‘Saturno’ coming out November 11th. With two successful singles (‘Lokera’ and ‘Punto 40’) his album is already on Billboard 100. Everything indicates this launch will be massive for the artist.

    Catch him live at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards on November 17th. Currently having eight nominations.

    Alejandro is in ties with his girlfriend, Spanish pop singer Rosalia as well, receiving eight nominations.

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