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    Rappers That Can Beat 21 Savage In A Verzus

    There’s nothing wrong with being confident in your own talent and ability, especially as a music artist. But there have to be certain situations where you have to be completely honest with yourself. 21 Savage clearly can’t relate to anything I just said. Riding the high off his new joint album with Drake, Her Loss, Savage has been talking cash money sh*t.

    Over the weekend, the Atlanta rapper hopped on Clubhouse to promote his new album. Feeling himself to the fullest, 21 made sure everyone knows that he knows that he is by far the best rapper to come out of the 2016 XXL Freshman class. And if any of them ever went against him in a Versuz battle, he’d beat the brakes off of them.

    I’ve noticed a lot of artists have this bad habit of having a superiority complex. Because what possessed him to comment so loudly wrong? Hearing him say that boldly with his chest had me thinking. I could probably make a list filled with artists that could give Mr. Savage a run for his money.

    1. Lil Uzi Vert

    The first artist I selected is Lil Uzi Vert. It’s always good to compare artists who came up around the same time. This is why I hate when people take part in cross-generation comparisons. It never makes sense. But comparing 21 and Uzi is definitely fair game. Both artists have had similar careers, which almost makes them interchangeable.

    But the fact that Uzi has fully made that crossover to a wider audience, I have to give him the edge. Almost every major hip-hop album within the past couple of years contains a feature from the Philly rapper. There’s a reason that his services are constantly in demand.

    2. Kodak Black

    As controversial as Kodak Black is, it’s hard to deny his star power and hit-making ability. Don’t get it confused, though. I hate to admit it, but there’s no denying that Kodak hasn’t been one of, if not, the biggest new rapper to come out of the 2010s.

    I have never seen an artist find so many ways to reinvent themselves and their sound. After multiple jail stints and almost canceled, Kodak is still standing. Most rappers lose all momentum when they get arrested, but not Yak.

    Clearly, Kodak felt the same way as I did. As expected, he hopped on IG live to speak his mind about the situation. Usually having much more to say, this time around Kodak let his outfit do the talking for him. He pointed his camera upward to show him sporting multiple caps. This symbolism implies what we all know, 21 is “capping”. But in all seriousness Kodak is just responsible for so many “negro spirituals” like “No Flockin” and “Super Gremlin”. Something 21 hasn’t quite accomplished ppl YET.

    3. Future

    The last person I have on this list needs no introduction. He’s been making hits before anyone heard the name 21 Savage. That man’s name is Future. With all due respect, Future would wipe the floor with 21 Savage.

    Both of them have collab albums with Metro Boomin, Future with and Savage with the “Savage Mode” series. Only difference is both of the Future’s is a certified classics.

    Not only is Future a street legend, but he’s solidified himself in music history for his contributions. The fact he changed the rap game by reintroducing auto-tune and influencing a generation sets him apart.


    Folks will say anything. Take everything with a grain of salt. I don’t blame 21 Savage for being confident. But you have to be prepared for major pushback when you say something controversial.

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