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    Rapper’s Girlfriend Pleads Self-Defense

    Fame and fortune can make some rappers big-headed. However, it can also turn them into monsters. Recently, Johnny May Cash’s girlfriend Brianna Gibbs pleaded self-defense after enduring a brutal altercation. In the end, their fight led to the rapper being fatally shot. Furthermore, footage from their fight was recently uploaded and has since gone viral.

    Domestic Violence

    Johnny May Cash, Brianna Gibbs via BlackSportsOnline

    Every relationship has its problems. However, there’s no excuse when it comes to domestic violence. This past Easter Sunday, rapper Johnny May Cash’s girlfriend Brianna Gibbs gunned him down. Furthermore, video footage taken from the disturbing altercation shows Cash assaulting the woman believed to be Gibbs. The rapper punched the 28-year-old woman in her stomach, then slammed her against the wall outside their apartment. Even more disturbing, Gibbs claimed that her boyfriend “yanked out a huge chunk of her hair” during the altercation. At some point, Cash’s gun fell to the ground and Gibbs picked it up whilst running out the house.

    According to police reports, Gibbs stated he “charged at her, leading her to aim and shoot the rapper down.” Several shots were fired in the household.

    Afterwards, a medical team transported Gibbs to a nearby hospital to treat her injuries. Arguably, Brianna Gibbs had no choice but to defend herself from the rapper. Self-defense was at play here.

    Cash’s Girlfriend Brianna Gibbs Faces Jail Time

    Johnny May Cash via SoundCloud

    It’s clear as day that Brianna Gibbs was a victim of domestic violence. She had no choice but to plead self-defense. Unfortunately, the police placed the 28-year-old under custody. Moreover, Judge Susana Ortiz set her bail at $100,000. Gibbs will have a court hearing on May 9. Hopefully, the judge will grant the young woman her freedom.

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