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    Rapper Tay-K Makes New Music and Heartbreaking Tweets From Prison

    “I just need one shot at adulthood,” tweeted rapper Tay-K on January 5. Tay-K received a 55-year prison sentence for the crime of murder. Tay-K may be violating prison protocol by Tweeting, but his Tweets are still disturbing!

    I really just need 1 chance @ adulthood

    — RUGR@ (@tayk) January 5, 2023

    He continued to Tweet about his inner-state while in custody on January 18. He Tweeted, “im [sic] @ war within”. Because he stabbed a prison guard while serving time in prison, the rapper might be held for the rest of his life. At least, Tay-K has an outlet for his overwhelming feelings. Also, “Tay-K revealed that he has been making new music“.

    im @ war within

    — RUGR@ (@tayk) January 18, 2023


    1. Hope you understand your errors bro… your next song should be “there are no dam second chances nigga”

      You have a chance to mentor in your music bro

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