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    Rapper Nuke Bizzle Tries To Steal Millions During The Pandemic

    Everyone has suffered during the novel pandemic. Many jobs were lost, leaving thousands of people homeless. Trump served up millions of dollars in emergency relief benefits to help working Americans, after he failed to stop the spread of COVID-19. While payments helped some people get back on their feet, others took advantage.

    Tennessee rapper Fontrell Antonio Baines, aka Nuke Bizzle, stole millions of dollars from collecting fraudulent COVID-19 unemployment benefits. Though, it wasn’t long before police caught on to his Ponzi scheme and charged the local rapper on several charges. It’s like the old saying goes, the government is always watching.

    Nuke Bizzle Brags About Stealing Benefits In “EDD” Track

    Nuke Bizzle
    via seeking alpha

    For a while, the rap community has debated long and hard about implementing criminal acts in their songs. Now more and more police have traced criminals through the details revealed in their music. Tennessee rapper Nuke Bizzle shot off his own foot after bragging about collecting millions of dollars in COVID-19 unemployment benefits.

    Furthermore, police tracked down the local rapper after listening to his 2020 track “EDD” which shared details about his Ponzi scheme. “I got rich off EDD/Shout out to Donald Trump,” Bizzle raps in the song.

    Currently, the rapper has been accused of stealing unemployment benefits from several people , including a Missouri man who never collected his checks. Bizzle stole $2,500 from the man alone. At the time, Bizzle used 8 debit cards all with various names. Making matters worse, the rapper has led the EDD and U.S. Treasury Department to lose $705,000. At this point, the rapper can forget about a plea bargain.

    The Charges Stacked Against Him

    Nuke Bizzle
    Nuke Bizzle via The New York Times

    It’s never a good idea to screw over the U.S. government. Tennessee rapper Nuke Bizzle probably regrets ever releasing his 2020 song “EDD” now. Right now, the local rapper has several charges stacked against him, including mail fraud. According to police records, the rapper admitted to stealing $1.25 million in unemployment benefits.  Most of the money came from him filing 92 Public Unemployment Assistance claims with EDD through the CARES Act. That’s a lot of paperwork to go unnoticed for so long. In the end, though, the government caught on to Bizzle’s scheme. Currently, the Tennessee rapper will forfeit $57,000.

    On top of his mail fraud charges, police also charged Nuke Bizzle for carrying illegal firearms. So far, he’s admitted to illegally owning a semi-automatic pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition in his Hollywood Hills home in 2020. Unfortunately, the rapper is looking at a 30-year jail sentencing. Things aren’t looking good for the local Tennessee rap star at all.

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