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    Rapper My Favorite Color Demands Respect On His Name In “Dead It”

    Anthony Willis, aka My Favorite Color, embraces his distinct rapper style. In the ever-changing music world, fresh voices like his are highly sought-after. The 24-year-old emcee brings a lot to the table, drawing influences from living in Compton, Pittsburgh, and LA, with a rap flow reminiscent of today’s biggest emcees and the late MF Doom. His voice ranges from natural rasp to fluidity and deadpan, a skill not many possess.

    Following the footsteps of his idols like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, My Favorite Color signed with Rostrum record label. He has already released his debut album “Velma” and some notable singles, steadily climbing towards musical success. Now, in 2022, he approaches the scene with an explosive and bold attitude, demanding respect on his latest track “Dead It.”

    Put Respect On His Name

    At first glance, the Rostrum signee appears non-confrontational. Casey Taylor from Passion On The Weiss described him as laid-back and chill. Some even call him “the sleepy rapper.” But things change when he’s called by his first name, Anthony, or when he goes hard on a track.

    In his latest record “Dead It,” My Favorite Color demands respect, despite the fun and playful music video with colorful scenery. Don’t be deceived; the Pittsburgh artist eliminates any competition. He even raps about fighting anyone who tries to steal his songs on the spot.

    During an interview with DJBooth from Audiomack, My Favorite Color revealed that his favorite color is orange, representing joy and warmth. However, in “Dead It,” his mood seems to be the opposite.

    What’s Next For The Quirky Artist

    Dead It
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    My Favorite Color is undoubtedly a unique and talented artist. He openly explores life and death, especially the latter. His debut album, Velma, was filled with personal content, often touching on the topic of death. Unlike many, My Favorite Color fearlessly admits that he doesn’t fear death. He intends to carry on with his personal narrative from Velma and transform his work into a meaningful project.

    Keep an eye out for My Favorite Color’s new album.




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