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    Rapper Millyz Calls Machine Gun Kelly “Garbage”

    Rappers are always quick to downplay another emcee’s rapping skills. Unfortunately, the rap-battle phrase just never dies out in a rap star. Furthermore, the Massachusetts rapper Millyz made it crystal clear whom he idolizes in the rap game and whom he absolutely can not stand. In a recent interview, the “Opt Out” rapper let fans know that he’s not a fan of Machine Gun Kelly at all! In fact, he called MGK’s rap skills downright “garage.” Talk about fighting words.

      Millyz Think’s MGK’s Rap Skills Are Straight “Garbage”

    In rap music, there’s a take-no-prisoners mentality. It comes with the territory. Rap music will always be unapologetic, and so will the rappers themselves. “Hopeless” rapper Millyz took a shot at Machine Gun Kelly during a recent interview with VLAD Tv. In short, the rapper made it clear that he thinks very little of MGK’s rap skills and called him “garbage.”

    Furthermore, the Massachusetts rapper even compared himself to Machine Gun Kelly’s skillset, stating that he drops actual bars. “He can’t rap, but he got a good rock star image, but like I’m a real rapper. I really break down bars, syllables and words, so I look past image and flow,” Millyz said during the interview. Apparently, the rapper doesn’t think the “Rap Devil” artist has any chance of sustaining a career as a real emcee. Tell that to his millions of followers.

        He Wants To Study Under The Direction Of Eminem

    Machine Gun Kelly
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    While Millyz clearly isn’t a fan of Machine Gun Kelly, he definitely idolizes Eminem. In fact, the rapper wants to study under the direction of Mr. Slim Shady himself. One day, he’s to receive that “sign of approval” from Eminem.

    Whether that comes or not, no one knows. Though, Millyz seemed confident that the “Godzilla” rapper will reach out to him at some point in time. What are your thoughts? Do you think either Machine Gun Kelly or Millyz is a good rapper? Let us know in the comments.

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