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    Rapper Half Ounce Found Murdered In L.A Weeks After PnB Rock’s Death

    These days, L.A isn’t the safest place for rap stars to take up residence. Several emcees such as Ice T have warned rappers time and time again, not to come to the city. While L.A may be home to flashing lights, red carpets, and money, it also has a dark side. Several rappers have already lost their lives in L.A streets, such as Pop Smoke and Drakeo The Ruler.

    Now the city of L.A has taken yet another rising star Latauriisha O’Brien aka rapper Half Ounce. Recently, police the young emcee left for dead. Clearly, L.A isn’t the right place for a rapper, especially a newcomer.

                L.A Isn’t Safe For Rappers

    Half Ounce
    via FOX 11 Los Angeles

    Coincidences happen all the time in life. Unfortunately, a person can find themselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time. However, when it comes to the city of L.A, there’s warning signs everywhere. Several rappers have lost their lives to the city already. Unfortunately, 32-year-old rapper Half Ounce was fatally shot this week. The emcee’s death marks the latest of noteworthy rappers who’ve been murdered in Los Angeles in the last two years. Even worse, his death occurred just three weeks after PnB Rock’s murder.

    Furthermore, police responded to several 911 calls about gunfire shots that occurred at 11:30am. Authorities eventually found Half Ounce murdered in the Koreatown neighborhood in front of an apartment building. Moreover, the Los Angeles County medical examiner’s office also confirmed O’Brien as the victim. An office spokesperson stated that an examination was underway on Tuesday.

    Furthermore, Half Ounce had three children, worked a modest job at UPS and attended school at the same time. He had responsibilities, but he also had dreams of making it big as a rap star.

                The Police Have A Suspect In Mind

    Half Ounce

    Unfortunately, the case remains in the early stages of development. The police have no motives behind Half Ounce’s murder, but their working on it. Even better, a spokesperson revealed that the police have a possible murder suspect.

    Currently, they’re searching for a man wearing dark clothing, who fled the scene of the crime in a dark SUV. At the time, he headed south on New Hampshire Avenue. Hopefully, the police crack the case soon and receive justice for Half Ounce’s family.





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