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    Rapper CupcaKKe Makes A Diss Track Just For Fun

    Rap music by definition is unapologetic. Though, some rappers take things a little too far. Chicago rapper CupcaKKe certainly drew a lot of attention to herself after releasing a remix to 50 Cents’ original track “How To Rob.” The hyper-sexual and brazen emcee made the song into a diss track, name-dropping several fellow rappers, including Cardi B and Lizzo. While the song is a bold attack against today’s biggest emcees, CupcaKKe simply views it as a fun little record.

                CupcaKKe Diss Track Calls Out Female Emcees

    diss track

    The moment a rapper releases a diss track, prepare for a Twitter feud. CupcaKKe claims her “How To Rob” diss track is more like a joke between friends in the industry rather than a threat. At the start of the track, the Chicago rapper even lets her peers and fans know “it’s all done out of love. Don’t take this s**** personal.” She has a funny way of showing love, given that just about every lyric makes a dig at a rap star.

    CupcaKKe raps, “Drag Lizzo out of the food court.”

    In another line, the 23-year-old emcee makes a joke pertaining to the criticism Cardi B received over her dental health early on in her career. “Runnin’ through your party just so I can find Cardi. Like ‘B**** I’m finna give you your old teeth back!’”

    CupcaKKe is throwing major shade at huge female rap stars in the industry. Perhaps the most insensitive line came when CupcaKKe poked fun at Megan Thee Stallion who suffered a bullet wound during a physical altercation with Tory Lanez early this year. “Run up on Megan like ‘Give me your funds.’ And you can’t even run cause you just got shot.” There’s just so much wrong with this diss track, especially the Megan Thee Stallion bit.

    CupcaKKe Defend’s Diss Track Amidst Backlash

    Clearly, CupcaKKe has no shame in her game. Still, it’s hard to believe that the 23-year-old’s 2016 Cum Cake album found its way onto Rolling Stones list of Best Rap Albums. CupcaKKe has gotten better with almost every new song release. Her diss track, however, upset plenty of fans and rappers. CupcaKKe didn’t seem all that phased by the backlash after releasing this statement, “I think it’s a beautiful thing & anyone upset with it it’s just use to the mediocre. Understand it’s not male rappers complaining it’s female rappers. Sit back & enjoy talent at its finest & for the last time it’s all love to all the rappers mentioned. Don’t be sensitive..” We won’t be hearing an apology from the rapper any time soon.

    What do you think? Did CupcaKKe throw shade at rappers? Or are people just being too sensitive?


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