Rakim Al-Jabbaar Releases Anticipated ‘Big Baby Thanos’ Album


Dallas-based rapper Rakim Al-Jabbaar has skillfully carved his own prominent path within the regional music scene, showcasing his exceptional lyrical prowess combined with a distinctive blend of Southern dialect and a unique style. With the release of his intriguing album titled “Big Baby Thanos,” Rakim seeks to further his momentum and exhibit versatility. This independent project dropped at the close of March, aiming to bring balance back to hip-hop, drawing inspiration from the iconic Thanos, the ultimate villain of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Rakim’s fifth album is a compelling collection, boasting 11 diverse tracks while maintaining his undeniable lyrical finesse, establishing him as a top artist to watch in 2023. Collaborating with the city’s finest, Rakim acknowledges the significant support he received during the creation of this project, from top-notch producers and engineers to influential individuals in his community.

The album features standout tracks such as “Reasonable Doubt,” “HRT BRK HTL,” and “Elementary Dreams.” In discussing the project, Rakim emphasizes the importance of engaging hip-hop fans with captivating storytelling, whether fictional or non-fictional, reminding them that not every word is a reflection of personal experience. He aims to convey to the youth that being a rapper doesn’t necessitate living out every narrative portrayed in the lyrics, but rather being a voice for their community, shedding light on real-life experiences without the need for direct participation.

To experience Rakim Al-Jabbaar’s latest album, “Big Baby Thanos,” listen on Spotify through the link provided below.

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