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    Racism: Star Wars Defends New Black Actress, Moses Ingram

    Is there ever a time to be Black in America? To wake up as a Black person is a joy; however, when facing society as a Black person, it’s truly tragic. Racism is a harmful and contagious problem that exists everywhere. With the prevalence of social media, racism is now more visible and just as repugnant. There are questions surrounding the production hiring of African American actors and actresses for “diversity roles”, but is this really true? True talent is true talent, no matter what race. Although, at one point, Hollywood was whitewashed and white biased, times are anew. As times are changing, there are more progressive talent producers who believe in moving forward, regardless of what certain audiences want.

    Why Star Wars is Standing Again Racism

    The Queen’s Gambit co-star Moses Ingram is now playing a major role in the new Star Wars franchise. Unfortunately, there are quite a few who aren’t happy about it. According to CNN, The Star Wars franchise is sticking up for the African American thespian.

    Even co-star Ewan McGregor chimed in on the drama to speak his mind.

    nfortunately, no matter how we speak out against racism, it will never go away. However, we can control how we choose to eternalize it. Giving energy to anything gives it life, so if we choose to stop giving energy to ignorance, it will hold no weight. Imagine being angry because of someone’s melanin capacity? Ludicrous.
    HypeFresh sends our flowers to Moses Ingram. She’s dope. Very dope!

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