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    Quavo’s Sister Demands Retribution For Her Slain Nephew

    It’s been nearly half a month since Migos rapper Takeoff was murdered outside a Houston bowling alley. The HipHop community continues to mourn over the wrongful murder of the Migos rapper, still grappling with his death.

    Even others, such as Quavo’s sister Kashara Marshall have grown restless and demand answers. Takeoff’s aunt isn’t waiting for police forces to investigate her nephew’s murder. Instead, she’s taken matters into her own hands.

    She Wants Answers & She Wants Them Now

    Takeoff’s death has been a difficult pill to swallow for many fans and celebrities. Though, the 28-year-old’s aunt Kashara Marshall refuses to wait around for the police to make any arrests. Instead, she’s made it crystal clear that she wants the killers to be found and thrown in jail now.

    Recently, Marshall took to her Instagram stories to publicize her quest to find out the truth behind Takeoff’s murder. In addition, she demands to know the identity of her nephew’s murderer. “Find out who did this to my nephew,” Marshall wrote before adding, “By any means.” It seems Takeoff’s aunt wants vengeance. Quavo’s sister has every right to be upset. Hopefully, she finds peace.

    Social Media Questions Quavo’s Sister Motives

    While Quavo’s sister has demanded answers from the public, her post also drew in the wrong type of attention. Many social media users have questioned whether or not Marshall suggest that violence be used in the search for Takeoff’s killer. It’s obvious that Quavo’s sister wants her nephews death avenged. Hopefully, the murderer is found and brought to justice the right way.

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