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    Quando Rondo Mourns The Loss Of Lul Pab In Atlanta Shooting

    Living the life of a celebrity rap star doesn’t mean escaping life’s hardships. Unfortunately, several rappers have been incarcerated or murdered for their past criminal activities. This past week, rapper Quando Rondo was involved in a deadly shootout in Atlanta. While the rapper walked away unscathed, his associate Lul Pab was killed in the incident.

                The Details Surrounding The Murder So Far

    Dealing with the loss of a friend or a family member can be difficult. Lul Pab’s death was certainly a hard pill for Quando Rondo to swallow. Furthermore, it was the deadly shootout that took place on August 19 that led to the tragedy. Sources reported that on Friday, several gunmen pulled up to Quando Rondo’s black Cadillac Escalade at a gas station in West Hollywood and opened fire. While Rondo was not wounded, one of his associates, 23-year-old Lul Pab, was shot. Medics rushed Pab to a local hospital, but he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

    Unfortunately, the gunmen in question fled the scene in a white sedan. Additionally, Rondo and his friends fled the scene as well. Eventually, law enforcement stopped the crew for questioning. Footage of Rondo’s interaction with police has since circulated around social media.

    Police believe the shooters meant to target Rondo, rather than Pab. Currently, police are on the manhunt for three murder suspects in dark clothing. Hopefully, it won’t be long before officers bring the killers to justice.

       Quando Rondo Pays Tribute To His Associate Lul Pab

    The shooting that took place Friday night has left the Atlanta rapper out of sorts. Rondo was filmed at the scene of the crime, screaming in agony as police pulled Pab’s body from his abandoned Cadillac Escalade. On Sunday August, 21, Rondo took to Instagram where he paid a tribute to Lul Pab. The rapper posted a photo of him and Pab dressed in all blue, strapped with guns and multiple bottles of Miller High Life. “My cuz,” he wrote in the captions. He followed it with crying emojis. Additionally, Rondo made a few commemorating posts about Pab in his Instagram stories. R.I.P to the man.

                Wack 100 Reacts To The Deadly Shoutout

    Quando Rondo shooting
    via TMZ

    So far, rapper Wack 100 has offered his stance on Quando Rondo’s shootout that took place last Friday. According to the rapper, his enemies will never catch him because “I’m too slippery.” During a recent Clubhouse chat, the rapper revealed that he has security cameras all around his house in case of an incident. He further shared that he plans to move to London, which will really throw his enemies for a loop. Looks like Wack 100 has it all figured out.

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