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    Putin Praises Xi Jinping in Exclusive Interview, Raising Concerns About Growing Russia-China Alliance

    China and Russia have been rivals for a long time, but now they seem to work together against the Western post-Cold War order. They have strong ties in energy, military, and politics, bringing them closer. This worries democratic countries like the United States and Japan.

    Putin Praises Xi Jinping, Raising Concerns

    China and Russia plan to increase their trade to $50 billion by 2024. They also want to build a pipeline for Russian gas to Europe through China, bypassing Western markets. They talk about working together in finance and manufacturing, but they don’t mention the Ukraine crisis.

    China hasn’t given weapons directly to Russia for the war in Ukraine, even though Russia asked for help. They don’t want to upset the West or interfere in other countries’ affairs. Some experts think China might help Russia secretly.

    Because of the pandemic, Xi and Putin talk through video calls and phone calls. They plan to meet in Beijing soon. They’ll discuss Ukraine, Syria, and China’s role in the Middle East peace process. The US wants China to support Israel and oppose Iran’s nuclear plans.

    Putin praises Xi and tells him that the situation in Ukraine is making the world less safe, and he supports China’s stance. Xi says China makes decisions based on facts. They both say the China-Russia partnership is essential.

    The United States is considering sanctions against Russia for Ukraine, and Britain might invade Gaza, which could upset Russia. Sinopec, a big Chinese oil company, is reviewing its business with Russia due to sanctions. This could affect Chinese-Russian trade, but China still buys Russian oil, according to a report.

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