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    PTTI’S 18th Graduation Is A Testament To Need For Trade Schools

    Philadelphia Technician Training Institue’s 18th graduation last month is a reminder that Trade Schools are Necessary.

    Trade Schools Near Me, that is probably how the 70 students who just graduated from PTTI found the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute. With college enrollment rates down, the world in a global pandemic, and unemployment being so rampant, let’s examine why graduations like these are so important.

    According to multiple reports, there are over 7 million high-paying skilled jobs left unfilled in America. Some of these jobs include auto mechanic, welder, and machinist, all skills learned at schools like PTTI. Conversely, a college like Temple University graduated over 7000 students in 2020, but most with degrees we can all agree are far too overpriced.

    The conversation we need to have as a society is why the search Trade schools near me have less traffic than college board or even pierce college. The statics clearly show that people are going to college, not graduating, and sadly leaving with a lot of debt.

    While not free or necessarily cheap, the trade school route offers a clearer path to financial freedom.

    Roughly 10-15% of First-generation college students who identify as low-income go on to complete their degree. The other nearly 85-90% are left trying to climb an even steeper hill than before entering college.

    Sites like edubirdie have already done the breakdowns of why Trade schools make more sense financially; we need to talk about why it makes sense overall.

    As a First-Generation College student who failed to obtain my degree after six years, it is easy to feel duped. While the college experience was crucial to develop socially, culturally, and intellectually, it has been nothing but a burden financially.

    Over 90 credits later, $100,000+, and unable to even get a copy of my transcripts to prove it… I definitely would look at the Trade school route a little differently than I did coming out of high school.

    Would you?

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