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    Here’s How Two Inmates Created First Ever Prison Podcast

    Poor, Williams and Woods at a story pitch session in San Quentin.

    First Ever Prison Podcast 1

    The thought of life behind bars would make any person go into deep thought. At that moment, life would seem over even while you’re still breathing, with a heart beating. This fate didn’t stop two inmates (Antwan Williams and Earlonne Woods) from doing what has never been done behind bars: create a podcast.

    The two started the series ‘Ear Hustle’ where they pitch stories to the listeners about what it’s like to spend life in jail. Alongside interviewing other inmates and special guests who come on the show for a feature. As amazing as this may be, there are many stipulations, rules and regulations (due to the prison’s schedule for inmates) which may delay production at times. Even with the ups and downs, they manage to make every second count towards the next episode.

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