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    Princexa Shows Off Her Impressive Artistry On “Reaper”

    The talented Latina musician and artist Princexa causes excellent noise in the music scene with her extraordinary talent, using all her abilities to produce a fascinating sound that shows her full vocal potential. 

    “Reaper” is a song that simultaneously has a relaxing and immersive sound that is pleasant and perfectly matches a good relaxation session marked by the melodic beat and short verses, which are dynamically superimposed on each other. She is faithfully accompanied by enveloping and happy beats, allowing her to delight her listeners and overwhelm them with her fantastic work. 

    This Portland, Oregon-based artist with an incredible voice has had a lot of success with her ability to make her songs authentic, and with all the originality you can expect.

    Stream “Reaper” on Spotify 

    Connect with Princexa: Spotify | Instagram

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