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    President Trump Officially Declares “National Emergency”

    After struggling to handle the Coronavirus Pandemic properly, The President has finally declared a National Emergency.

    During a press conference in from of the White House, President Trump officially declared the Coronavirus as a National emergency. As a part of this move, the country will spend 50 billion dollars on virus-related expenses.

    President Trump didn’t take the Coronavirus seriously for weeks. Now, after receiving criticism and backlash, the President is acting. Joined by VP Mike Pence, health officials, and executives from companies such as Target and CVS. The President finally worked with a sense of urgency regarding a global pandemic that has been sweeping the globe.

    A big part of the funding will contribute to testing accessibility. Companies Target, CVS, Walgreens, and others will offer to drive-thru testing. Even more, Google is currently working on a website that will give people information on where they can be tested and treated. In addressing the upcoming site, 45 took a chance to through shade after former President Obama.  Trump made sure to note the Coronavirus will be up and running, unlike other websites in the past. A clear shot at the Obama administration and there “Obamacare” website that had many problems when it first came out.

    One positive that came from the President’s speech is the fact that student loan interest will be suspended during the national emergency.

    While Millenials were hoping for complete cancellation of student loans, something is better than nothing.

    Overall the President’s speech was filled with political fluff and deflecting by 45. The stock market soared as investors gained a sense of security from Trump’s declaration. However, the average American probably is still as uninformed and scared as they were before today.

    What do you guys think about President Trump declaring the Coronavirus a National Emergency? Will it help to stop the spread of the virus? Or is it just a political move to help the President appease his fan base?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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