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    Popeye’s Mocks IVY Park X Adidas

    Popeye’s is jokes! The franchise announced this morning that they plan to sell a limited-edition clothing line. The line will feature mockups of Popeye’s uniforms, modeled by real Popeye’s employees!

    The announcement comes after Beyonce launched her IVY Park collection. Twitter users were quick to notice that Bey’s orange, white and maroon color scheme was similar to Popeye’s!

    Fans tweeted “OMG! Beyonce designed her Ivy Park x Adidas collection in the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich color way. I stan a marketing Queen!

    Popeye’s is no stranger to social media attention. Their infamous twitter feud with Chick-Fil-A sparked national sales, eventually selling out of their then-new chicken sandwich. It was later announced earlier this month that Popeye’s sale rose 21.2% last year.

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “Y’all. Beyoncé choose that color scheme because she knew that it would sell out as fast as the Popeyes chicken sandwich did ” 

    In a stunt to hype up her collection, Bey delivered massive orange boxes to every A-list celeb you can think of. Everyone who was lucky enough to receive a bright orange box immediately took to Instagram with the unveiling. Bey’s strategy worked and the activewear sold out within hours of the release.

    Popeye’s is calling their new line “That Look from Popeyes”. Already five out of the ten items have sold out and the rest certainly won’t last long! Crew necks and jackets are gone, but half zips are still available for $38.00.

    Popeyes Mocks IVY Park

    The collection will only be available while supplies last and all proceeds will go to the Popeye’s foundation. The Popeye’s foundation works with likewise corporations to support other charities and provide resources to those in need.

    Last December Popeye’s released an ugly Christmas sweater that sold out in less than 14 hours!

    What are your thoughts on the That Look From Popeye’s collection? Or are you a Chick-fil-A fan?

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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