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    Pop/R&B Artist Zachary Knowles Proves He’s In Love On ‘CRUSH’

    There’s no feeling in the world that compares to having your first crush. Everybody doesn’t get a chance to fall in love, but almost everyone experienced their first crush, rather if it was a good or bad experience. Especially if the experience was embarrassing and cringe to look back on. We all remember a point in our lives not being able to stop thinking about our crush or fumbling our words when talking to them. Moments like those are priceless and vital to our development into adulthood. Texas artist Zachary Knowles has me reminiscing over my first crush experience thanks to his new single.

    Big Boots to Fill

    Growing up in Magnolia, Texas, Zachary’s first crush was not a person, but instead, it was music. Not only did develop an early love for music, but he also fell in love with the art of performing. He watched all his favorites such as Willie Nelson perform at his hometown venue. This told him that he could replicate their success, he just had to put in the work. 70 million global streams later, it’s obvious he made the right career choice as he keeps growing bigger and bigger.

    As of recently, Zachary has been devoting his time to fine-tuning his upcoming EP, GOALIE, which is set to release this fall. Gearing up for his new release, Zachary gifted fans a live performance video for one of the lead singles, ‘Crush’. If this is a taste of what to expect for the project, then we are in store for something special.

    “Crush” Live-Performance

    This acoustic performance hits harder without the production backing it. It makes such a big difference not including the beat, so that we don’t get distracted by his heartfelt message. The only thing needed is Zachary’s isolated vocals and his keyboard. Seeing him perform this track solo-dolo added so much more emotion. This song is for all the loverboys out there, because they can relate to showing affection.

    If you are looking for a reason, to shoot your shot at your crush, this song is the sign to do it. Be sure to check out “Crush” on streaming platforms.

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