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    Police Kill UPS Driver Who Was A Hostage In Robbery

     A UPS Driver, A Innocent bystander, and 2 robbers killed after a high-speed chase!

    4 people are dead including a UPS driver and an Innocent bystander after a high-speed chase in Florida. Graphic videos show the intense gun battle the took place on a Florida highway between cops and suspected robbers.

    The incident all started when the robbers set of the silent alarm inside of Regent Jewelers. During the robbery one woman was shot in the head, her condition is unknown. When the police arrived on the scene the robbers opened fire on them and that’s when things started getting crazy.

    The robbers got in there car and tried to getaway. However, they got out of their original vehicle and carjacked a UPS truck. The UPS truck was being by a man now identified as Frank Ordonez who is said to have been on his first solo driving day. Ordonez was taken hostage by the robbers until the fatal encounter. Police Kill UPS Driver-1

    A high-speed chase ensued until the truck ran into standstill track on a highway. Police surrounded the vehicle and a gun battle between the robbers and police started.

    It’s unclear who fired the first shot but the video looks like the scene out of an action movie. Police can be seen taking cover behind civilian cars as the two parties exchange shots.

    The battle ended when police killed the two robbers in the gun exchange however Ordonez and the unidentified bystander who was in an idle vehicle near the scene were killed as well.

    As of Thursday police haven’t yet identified if the Ordonez and the other person killed were shot by the police or the robbers. UPS issued a statement experiencing condolences for their slain employee and thanking the Police which has some twitter users going crazy. People are questioning the tactics used in the situation. Many are asking if the police made the right decision by firing at a vehicle containing a hostage while on a crowded highway. Furthermore, the fact that they used civilian driven cars as cover during an active shooting is disturbing in itself.

    What do you guys think about the UPS Driver and Innocent Bystander being killed?

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    1. The police action was cowardly and sickening to watch.
      The police used citizens in cars as human shields, and had no concern what-so-ever for the kidnapped UPS driver within the truck.
      No negotiations, no swat team, and no common sense. Just a mindless wild-west shootout in broad daylight on a crowded street.
      It’s obvious the police only cared about themselves.
      The police murdered or caused the murder of the kidnapped and innocent bystander, and risked the lives of many other innocent citizens. These cops are not heroes. They are cowards and murderers.

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