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    Police Arrest A$AP Rocky Again For The Same Case

    These days, it seems as though the police have nothing better to do than arrest rappers on any dirt they can find. For instance, A$AP Rocky faced assault charges earlier this year for shooting someone. While police arrested the rapper and put him in jail, he made bail at $550,000. Unfortunately, A$AP Rocky wasn’t through the woods yet. This week, police arrested the rap star again for the same case, this time hitting him with even bigger charges. At this point, he’ll be in jail for a little more than a couple of hours.

    Friends For Life Or Enemies Forever?

    A$AP Rocky
    via ABC News

    A$AP Rocky was arrested by the police last November for a heated altercation with an acquaintance, as announced by Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon on Monday. The two had been arguing in Hollywood, which soon escalated to violence.
    Allegedly, Rocky threatened “the acquaintance” with a semiautomatic gun. The rapper made a second attempt and fired two shots towards the victim with his handgun. At this time, the case remains ongoing as police further investigate the details of the altercation. George Gascon recently stressed that shooting a gun in a public place is a grave offense with potentially disastrous outcomes. It’s a clear and obvious fact.

    A$AP Rocky Might Face A Huge Jail Sentencing

    A$AP Rocky
    via People

    It’s only been a short while since A$AP Rocky and Rihanna welcomed their first child together. Furthermore, the two had plans to expand their family. Unfortunately, those plans might get cut short after the rapper’s latest stunt with police.

    Currently, the rap star faces a total of two counts of assault. In addition to threatening someone with a semiautomatic gun, he was also charged for illegally using a firearm. With charges like these, the rapper could face a huge jail sentencing. Things aren’t looking good for the A$AP Rocky.

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