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    PLVTINUM Is Current With His Sensational Recent Release “Stress Me Out”

    International chart-topping hitmaker PLVTINUM has released his Sensational new stunning hit single “Stress Me Out.” On this single, we are treated to a catchy pop song combined with haunting digitized vocals built up by a steady drum arrangement and a nice bass line, giving it a very dreamy feel, like a song that will appear on the soundtrack of a Netflix movie one day.

    “Stress Me Out” follows the success of his recent hit singles “Die4MyBitch” and “Secrets (With NEFFEX) which he also released earlier this year. PLVTINUM shows us his not just here to cause a sonic boom. He has been making his presence known by steadily developing his catalog and fanbase.

    PLVTINUM tells us that this is just the tip of the ice burg and listeners should expect more as he is working on his upcoming EP.

    Stream “Stress Me Out” on Spotify

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