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    Phinally!! Rhys gets his 100th homerun

    Phinally!! Rhys gets his 100th Homerun

    Despite the miscalled 100th homerun changed to a double in the May 2nd game, Rhys Hoskins still managed to make it to 100. Although, this one hit a little less climatically as that previous call where his teammates celebrated with him. At least, this happened in front of the homecrowd at Citizen’s Bank Park. 

    The 100th homerun mishap

    Everything was on the line. Rhys thought he rescued his teamates during a crutial moment and made career history. Emotions were hightened. The previous 100th called that was changed to a double occurred on the game against the Mets. It would have been the game-tying, three-run home run to right field. It would have happened in the nineth with two outs recorded. Basically, the stuff baseball dreams were made of.

    Eflin spoke about the emotions present in the dugout

    “Immediately, we couldn’t tell because Rhys stopped at second and then he started running like he was rounding third for a homer,” Eflin said. “We freaked out… screaming…  hollering…going crazy in there, probably as much as the guys in the dugout. It’s just so crazy to know that baseball comes down to inches so many times.”

    The official 100th Homerun

    The call:

    First pitch swinging, hammard it to left. Homerun number 100 for Rhys Hoskins. Finally.

    All the details

    Phillies, Rhys Hoskins 100th homerun
    Phillies, Rhys Hoskins 100th homerun. May 22, 2021 Red Sox Citizen’s Bank Park

    Rhys 100th homerun was against Red Sox pitcher, Nathan Eovaldi. The pitch was thrown at 101 mph and was the first homerun of the season that the pitcher gave up. Rhys hammered the ball 371 feet, at a launch angle of 26 degrees. Hoskins is the third fastest Phillie to achieve the 100th homerun mark. First Basemen, Rhys Hoskins did so in 450 games. While, Ryan Howard, also first baseman, did it in 325 games. Also, Chuck Klein did it in 390 games.

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