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    Phillies-Mets Rivalry Heats Up; Alvarado provokes Dominic Smith

    Phillies-Mets Rivalry History

    Phillies-Mets Rivalry History
    Phillies-Mets Rivalry. Jose Alvarado continues the trend by taunting dominic smith. MLB: Phillies & Mets Rights Reserved Respectfully | Twitter

    With the introduction of the Mets to the National League in 1962, Major League Baseball unwittingly started a turf war among Phillies and Mets. Both teams were now vying for the NL East championship solidifying the rilvary before it even started. The Phillies-Mets rivalry is such a pinacle point in baseball. Let’s take a look at the history to what led us to this current day rilvary.

    Bunning’s Perfect Game & McGraw’s World Series Winning Pitch

    Looking back, the earliest moment in Rivalry history between the two NL East teams was in the 60s. In fact, in 1964, Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game. Which, resulted in the Phillies finished at the top and the Mets finished bottom.

    During the 1980s, Phillies and Mets have had several brawls.. However, a Notable moment in the 80s comes from pitcher Tug McGraw who previously pitched for the New York Mets but was traded to the Phillies in 1974. In 1980, McGraw pitched when the Phillies won their first World Series championship against the Kansas City Roylals. During the victory parade, after the World Series, McGraw told New York fans they could “take this championship and shove it.”

    Phillies-Mets Rivalry
    Phillies-Mets Rivalry. Tug McGraw after being traded from Mets to Phillies, wins ’80 World Series. MLB: Phillies All Rights Reserved | Twitter

    Darling’s Missed No Hitter

    On June 28, 1987, Mets’ player, Ron Darling was pitching a no-hitter. The no hitter would have been the first in Mets history. Darlng was 4–0 lead into the eighth inning against the Phillies. That opportunity was blown when Philadelphia’s Greg Gross pinch-hit and tripled to lead off the eighth inning. Then, Juan Samuel added salt to the injury by singling to break up the shutout. Ultmately, the Phillies came back and won 5–4. 

    The Phillies, who were in last place at the time, dropped the Mets 612 games behind the first-place Cardinals who they would slated to play the next day. Mike Schmidt said, “The Mets don’t like to give credit when they lose, but they have to do it today,” which no doubt made the rivalry worse.

    2000’s, Phillies-Mets Rilvary continues

    “The Team to Beat.”

    The rivalry was quiet for a spell. Then, it picked up in the 2006 season as both teams were fighting for a playoff spot. In 2007, After watching the Mets win the National League East that season, Phillies’ shortstop Jimmy Rollins boldly proclaimed that, on paper, the Phillies were the “team to beat,” which resulted in a frenzy of words between the two teams.

    Utley is a Mets’ Killer

    Utley’s hits homeruns against the mets at their ballpark. Utley’s short, compact swing gave him power towards the left field line. Utley has hit homeruns so frequently, in that spot, that it become known as “Utley’s Corner.”

    2019-2021 Phillies-Mets Rivary Moments

    2019: Jacob Rame throws a pitch at Rhys Hoskins head.

    After playing 2020 with piped in crowd noise, the players were stoked with the presence of fans in 2021. Now that fans are in the stands, it appears that tensions have resurfaced. Now,  there is an aggressive energy in the air. Currently, baseball has had more fights and tense moments in these two months than prior. But, the fans love every minute. Phillies pitcher, Jose Alvarado was not having any of Dominic Smith’s atittude. Phillies-Mets Rivalry continues strong.

    2021, Jose Alvarado vs. Dominic Smith

    Phillies-Mets Rivalry
    Phillies-Mets Rivalry. Jose Alvarado taunts Mets’ player, Dominic Smith. MLB 2021 | Twitter

    Recently, Alvarado had gotten some criticism from Mets’ player, Dominic Smith, for throwing close to the Conforto’s body/head. However, Alvarado claims it was unintentional. Unfortunately, Dominic Smith didn’t agree which resulted in the two having words that preempted this current incident.

    In this game, Alvarado struck out Smith. Then, he aggressively celebrated. The pitcher spread out his arms in taunt. Then, Alvarado made a mouth with his hands signaling that the other team talked too much, well you can fill in that final word.

    If that wasn’t enough, Jose started to walk towards Dominic urging him to do something about it. That’s when Knapp stepped in to hold Dominic back. Then, both benches cleared. They had to restrain Alvarado, who clearly wasn’t finished giving him a piece of his mind.

    On 5/2/21, Alvarado was suspended for 3 days after the incident. However, this ruling will be appealed.

    Obviously, it’s safe to say this rivalry isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Baseball is alive with aggression, eagarness, and passion that was seemingly pent up in 2020 abreviated season. 

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