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    Philippines’ Zandy Storm Shares “Only Up From Here” Visual

    Emerging new artist Zandy Storm introduces herself to a newfound audience with the release of the new visual to new single, titled “Only Up From Here.” For her debut, Storm tells her rags to riches story in the booth doning a designer gown and angelic vocals. Watch it above.

    “Only Up From Here” is the first collaboration between Zandy Storm and well-known recording artist Chris Rosa. “It was a great experience shooting the video with Zandy,” Rosa said. “I enjoyed seeing how happy and excited she was at fulfilling what is the first step in the journey of her dreams. After hearing Zandy tell me her life story, including my own personal trials and triumphs and a nod to the up in Uplive combined with me learning about the great opportunity the UpLive app was creating for her and other people without resources around the world “It’s Only Up from Here” practically wrote itself.”

    “Working with Chris Rosa on the song was great. Chris is very professional, talented, and easy to work with,” Storm adds.

    She continues: “This is a reminder for myself and whoever else needs it that you have to push forward, and always keep going up – and that’s why it’s ‘Only Up from Here.'”

    Storm’s latest single prepares the forthcoming release of her debut project, slated for a late-2021 release. “Only Up From Here” is available on all DSPs. For more on Zandy Storm, follow her meteoric rise on Instagram. Stream “Only Up From Here” below.

    Zandy Storm


    Zandy Storm, originally from the Philippines, has been a singer her whole life who auditioned for Philippine Idol during her career. Struggling to get a singing career off the ground, Zandy made her way through all of the traditional routes an artist would take in an attempt to reach success. She eventually started singing background vocals for other famous artists from overseas.

    Zandy eventually found love, was married and moved to Minnesota where she now resides. With the challenges she faced in life, many artists can relate to the idea of their dreams slowly fading away. Covid-19 shut down the world with the entertainment industry taking the biggest hit with gigs and events cancellation. This is when friends of Zandy passed her the information on how she could from the privacy of her own home and on her own schedule enter into an international singing competition.

    After Joining the app Zandy found the competition was every bit as tough as it would have been in a TV format with quite a few great twists. Zandy could sing whenever she wanted, letting her be in the best place mentally when she chose to go live. She also could go live from anywhere, so Zandy controlled the show from her side of the camera. Zandy also got to choose her own songs and nobody was creating false stories or feeding the audience anything other than what Zandy herself was delivering. All of this while being live.

    The audience on the app becomes new fans and is the ones to vote. Over time Uplive eventually ends up with a winner. The winner was announced by American Idol alumni and current “The Masked Dancer” judge Paula Abdul. Zandy Storm is now the first winner from the Uplive “Singing for The World” competition. From there, Zandy was flown to Los Angeles California where she got to work with Platinum-selling Grammy-nominated Producer & Engineer, Chris Rosa.

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