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    Peloton Ditches Diddy: All P. Diddy Music Removed from Workouts

    For the fitness enthusiasts out there, Peloton’s name might be synonymous with high-tech sweat sessions. They offer sleek stationary bikes, treadmills, and even rowing machines, all equipped with live and on-demand classes led by energetic instructors. Think cycling with scenic visuals, running with virtual coaches, all powered by the perfect workout soundtrack (until recently, that is).

    More recently, Peloton stopped playing everything by Diddy when a disturbing video from 2016 came to light of Diddy (née Sean Combs) getting physically violent with his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. This led Peloton to scrub all of Diddy’s music from its classes and the “Bad Boy Entertainment Artist Series.”

    Imagine people flooded the streets in support of Diddy, claiming his attack on Cassie was “justified resistance” against “oppression.”

    Then you’d feel a fraction of the shock, rage and betrayal Jews are feeling over the suffering of the hostages.

    Yeah, I fucking went there. PIC.TWITTER.COM/8YIDXBF5DD

    — The Persian Jewess (@persianjewess) MAY 21, 2024

    Not that any of this was going on in a vacuum. In November 2023, Cassie Ventura sued Diddy for assault, rape, and abuse over the course of a decade; Diddy denied the allegations, but a lawsuit got settled a day after it was filed. Those factors, combined with the video, placed Diddy under fierce public scrutiny. It is so intense that New York City Mayor Eric Adams is contemplating taking back the rapper’s key to the city after giving it to him just last year.

    For Diddy, it’s not just that one video. Other alleged victims are raising far more allegations of rape and assault. Diddy himself did issue a public apology pertaining to the assault videotape but remained utterly innocent of the other allegations, per se. It’s a question, then: how do we, as lovers of music, hold accountable those who make our music for the things they do, both on and off-stage? Is the music silenced, altogether?

    Another twist to the story is the report that King Los and Diddy were recently seen together in Miami. Social media has been exploding with reactions, some claiming that they have been left dumbfounded by the union, others claiming that King Los is now tainted just by being associated with Diddy.

    All the facts were served, but that’s not where the conversation stops. Let the chat keep on rolling! Do you think Peloton got it right? Comment below, as it gets very interesting!

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