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    Drama Continues As Paternity Suit Filed Against Tekashi

    Crimes and now a paternity suit?

    All the news that is coming out in regards to Tekashi is astonishing.

    It seems as though we’re getting more news about him while he’s behind bars than when he was in the streets.

    We all know that it’s highly likely that the rapper is facing a life sentence. Therefore, numerous open cases against 6ix9ine that will ensure that he will not see the light of day again.

    Unfortunately, there is a reason to believe that the feds have hard video evidence on Tekashi, showing him in the act of calling a hit. With key evidence like that, it’s hard to sway a jury.

    A paternity suit is being filed against the “King Of New York”. An unnamed woman has come forward claiming that the rapper fathered her child.

    Could this actually be the rapper’s child?? We don’t know… Give us your thoughts below!

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