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    Palms Station shares a new single, “I Don’t Know The Way To Your Heart”

    Palms Station is proud to announce the release of their new single, “I Don’t Know The Way To Your Heart,” a moody and contemplative epic that showcases the band’s unique sound and frontman Hillel Tigay’s masterful songwriting.

    For Tigay, Palms Station is more than just a band – it represents his home and his purpose for moving to Los Angeles. The project’s name is an homage to his light rail stop in LA, and the band’s music is a reflection of Tigay’s life as a creative savant-adventurer.
    “I Don’t Know The Way To Your Heart” is a product of Tigay’s development as a songwriter, and it showcases his ability to let the music play him. The song is a complex arrangement of trudging guitars and percussive jolts that expresses a sense of personal and spiritual longing.
    Directed by Tigay himself, the music video for the song draws inspiration from the acclaimed film “Waltz With Bashir.” The animation style creates a captivating sense of detachment as Tigay navigates through purple-hued cosmic scenes, reflecting on lost love. The video artfully shifts between personal and panoramic moments, showcasing profiles and palisades, footsteps, and stars.
    “I Don’t Know The Way To Your Heart” is a prophetic masterpiece that is sure to captivate audiences with its powerful message and unique sound. Palms Station invites you to dive in and make your own interpretation of this incredible new single.

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