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    P. Diddy Tells Us To Protect Our Energy: “I Declare Fridays National ‘F**k It Fridays’”

    In everyday life, we are faced with a wealth of challenges. Everything from work, our relationships, and even our families can stress us out. Though, P. Diddy declared Fridays a national mental health day. At the end of each week, the Bad Boy CEO wants us to protect our energy, inner peace, and most of all, ignore all the stressors in our lives. Now the HipHop star has started the trend #F**kItFridays.

    Diddy Declares The End Of The Week “F**k It Fridays”

    When it comes to P. Diddy, he has to do everything in a big way. The HipHop mogul’s recent Instagram post was no different. This past Friday, the “Move On” hitmaker took to his IG account and shared one of his “motivational” speeches about doing away with the negatives in our lives.

    According to him, the last day of the week should be considered a “national mental health day.” To make sure he got his message across, P. Diddy has declared the day ‘Fk It Fridays.’ “Today’s the day to let go and LET GOD! It’s that simple!! Enjoy your Friday and remember, FK IT!” the HipHop star said in a video posted to his Instagram account. In other words, Hakuna matata!

    His New Years Resolution

    The star echoed a similar sentiment at the start of the new year. In another social media post, the HipHop mogul told his millions of followers to unwind, relax and more importantly, turn off the internet this year. That’s a New Years Resolution that we can definitely get on board with. Additionally, with Fridays being national holiday now, we can certainly use more ‘F**k It Fridays.’

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